There are so many reasons for losing a login or password (sometimes both) to log in to Superboss online casino, so to restore the data lost, please just the recommendations below.

Get new username/password

The customer’s email address specified during registration is used as a login in Superboss online casino. This approach reduces the probability of loss. But, there are exceptional cases. Example: the user has a lot of email addresses that are not synchronized with each other, he/she does not remember all or the right one. In such a situation, contact our customer support service and request the necessary information. There are several ways to do this:

As a rule, specialists will contact you within 10 minutes. In the reply letter, you will be asked for cell phone number set during registration. To avoid similar situations in the future, create an account linked to one of your Facebook or Google accounts.

To reset your password, you will need to make a number of other actions, but it will not take much time as well:

The link in the email is valid for one hour, then it is automatically canceled. These recommendations apply to both full and mobile versions of Superboss online casino. Please, when registering, specify an email address that you use constantly and you will definitely not forget. This is always the key to quick password reset and access to playing slot machines for money in Canada.

Non-conventional situations with no access to the account in Superboss online casino

Let’s consider atypical cases of not having access to the personal account in our online casino. There are only three non – conventional situations:

If there is a problem with login that is not related to the above, contact the specialists of our service center and describe the situation in detail. If necessary, make and send screenshots. This will greatly simplify our troubleshooting task, and you will be able to return to online slot machines for money, table games and sports betting.