Quick registration of an account in a simplified form is a distinctive feature of our online casino in Canada and European countries. At the first stage, you will not even need to enter your passport data – this will have to be done later, during the verification process, in order to gain access to slot machines for real money. Below, there are instructions for creating an account and going through all related procedures on the official website of Superboss online casino. In total, all these operations take no more than 5 minutes

Registration, main steps and important aspects

The initial registration is a simplified one and you will need to:

You can go the other way and use accounts in one of social networks (for now, Facebook and Google). This alternative will allow you to create an account even faster. The next necessary steps are verification and account deposit.

Mobile version of online casino

Superboss is a platform adapted to modern smartphones and other portable devices based on all major OS (android, iOS or Windows Phone). All is by analogy with a full version.

Important! Registration of two, three accounts in Superboss online casino is not allowed. Violation of this rule will lead to a lifetime blocking of a player’s account and a ban on playing slot machines for real money in Canada.


In order to fully run slot machines and play for money, you will need to pass verification. Proof of identity is necessary for security purposes and to avoid fraud/illegal money laundering, as well as to restrict access to gambling for minors. The condition corresponds to the generally accepted European and world standards of the online gaming industry. You will need to do the following:

After passing this procedure, you will have access to Superboss casino slots for real money and betting.

As an additional security measure (including in case of loss of login or password), we recommend linking your personal account in Superboss online casino to Google/Facebook. If you have any additional questions, please contact the casino support service – specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

Login to the personal account

After completing the process of creating an account on Superboss platform, you can log in to your personal account using the appropriate icon, or a button with Facebook / Google icon (log in through a linked account). The username is the user’s email address. Both PC and mobile versions of the online casino open access to deposit. The lists of slot machines for money and other functions are similar.