There is a saying that Mathematics is the Queen of Sciences. If we talk about gambling and mathematics, then, with a high degree of probability, there is still some kind of a relation. At least, experts in the field of this exact science say so.

The experts assume that the calculation of a particular combination forming is quite obvious. Although we also do not deny the dependence of outcome of a game on player skills. An equal share of winnings probability in a game belongs to luck. Maybe that’s why we call the game “good” or “bad”.

Let’s consider the probability of a certain combination of gambling and mathematics.


  In mathematics, there is a section called “probability theory”. The subject of this theory is the laws of random phenomena. In other words, how likely the occurrence of this or that event is and the degree of this probability.

This theory can be applied to the game of poker, roulette, blackjack, lottery and other games.

Mathematical calculations can show how likely it is to get a particular card, whether it is possible to win in a game at all.


So how the mathematical expectation can be used to predict a win or a loss in a game. But there is one condition: how long the game will be with the same bets.

If we speak about roulette, then mathematicians noticed that red drops out less often than black. This means that a bet on red can give a negative mathematical expectation, and a bet on black can give a positive one.

It turns out that with a long game and with a positive mathematical expectation, a win is still possible. But here’s the bad luck – unfortunately, there are no games with positive expectation. This means that the loss of a part of a player’s funds is a natural phenomenon. A certain amount from bets replenishes the “wallet” of a gambling establishment.

In the mathematical expectations of the probability theory, there are also such concepts as risk elements and standard deviations. If a player decides to leave a casino with a win at all costs, then studying these concepts will be useful. Professional players often use calculations, probably, and win big with a “mathematical focus”.

We have not mentioned one very important aspect of the so-called luck in gambling – it is practice.

Today, players have such a wide choice of gaming establishments as never before. After the legalization of gambling in Canada, online platforms began to operate. Online casinos today are so convenient for entertainment and recreation that you can play from any place and at any time. Licensed online casinos offer visitors the most advanced slot machines and slots. You can play both for free and for money.

Safe and responsible play are the success of a platform itself and its visitors. Fair and transparent online casinos are distinguished by stable payouts and protection of players’ personal data.

Perhaps tomorrow you will become the owner of a big win. If, of course, probability theory will help you with this. Nevertheless, you will definitely experience a lot of positive emotions, because playing at a casino is an entertaining event. That’s what the casino definitely guarantees you!