Online casino operation is associated with a turnover of significant funds and always assumes the presence of structured and distinct rules. The fulfillment of the accepted conditions is the must for both parties – the player and the administration of the institution. This issue is regulated in strict accordance with EU legislation, and is a necessary criterion for obtaining and maintaining a license to operate in the online gaming industry. In connection with the above, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the current set of rules before registering in Superboss online casino. The information is given below, as part of a brief overview.

The main regulation: relationship between the Client and the Online Casino

Below are the key provisions of interaction between the Client and the Administration of Superboss online casino. To find the full list of rules and their contents, please visit Superboss website –tab Terms and Conditions:

In addition, the user has the right to contact specialists of the online customer support service in the event of ambiguous situations, questions, or in case of disagreement with results for certain events.

Features of sports betting online

Bets on the main or intermediate result of a sporting event can be made both before its start and in real time. The maximum permissible total bet depends on the conditions for a particular sport, the minimum contribution is only $8. After making transaction, a player receives a ticket with the corresponding unique registration number of a bet. The calculation of the final results is also possible in case of an unfinished match, if it has not been completed within 24 hours after. Requirements for the minimum wagered in fact are established for each sport individually:

Note! Adding express or system to the coupon is not possible for online bets made before the actual start of the event.