Myths have long been a part of our life. They, like predictions – everyone listens to them, but few believe in. However, there are those that are simply mad about myths regarding the topic of gambling. How difficult it is for such a gambler, one must assume, if he has forgotten that the direct purpose of gambling is entertainment for pleasure, and not so much a means of making money.

If you come to an online casino for pleasure, you will definitely get it. But there is no guarantee of winning for those who only play for this.

There is more than a dozen of all kinds of speculations, deceptive assumptions about slot machines. And all of them are the result of rich imagination of internet casino visitors.

To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to tell the truth about slot machines hidden from human eyes.


If in the near future you intend to visit an online casino, then debunking the myths that will be discussed, we hope, will change your idea of slot machines and slots. So the myths:

Absolutely not true! The odds of winning in slot machines will be exactly the same as before. Big winnings can follow as soon as you leave the slot. This has been noted more than once.

Absolute lie! The idea of issuing a jackpot is based on the command of the generator of completely random numbers. In the history of casinos, there have been cases where the two largest wins followed one after the other. And vice versa – a long period of absence of at least some kind of gain.

Absolutely wrong! The percentage of payments on slots is determined by their developer, who installs special chips into slot machines. Reprogramming a “flashed” slot is almost impossible. The casino operator has nothing to do with this.

Absolute delusion! Having spent a lot of time at a slot machine, up to a week or a whole month, the coveted jackpot may not fall out. Everything is very simple: each subsequent spin has nothing to do with the symbols. Everything is built on the random number generator, as always.

Absolute nonsense! There can be no connection between the force of pressing buttons and obvious gain. Let us remind you again: it all depends on the generation of random numbers included in the program of a certain slot machine. Press, don’t press – it is simply impossible to predict the result.


Over time, new myths appear that can scare away players and simultaneously excommunicate them from a casino.

Do not believe those ”authors” of myths who sow this turmoil. Believe, honest casinos that have passed the licensing procedure, offering the most modern slot machines from providers with worldwide recognition, are completely far from the idea of profiting from slot machines.

Licensed online casinos in Canada are popular with players, primarily because they guarantee the security of their visitors and timely payment of winnings. If you are a beginner, please, demo versions of games are at your service, where you can experience pleasure completely free of charge, without investing money, which means that there is no financial risk.

It’s not a secret that some playgrounds still operate illegally, deceiving players. But you, apparently, are not one of them. You are reasonable in choosing a platform for entertainment, so that you do not have to regret it later.